“Kiseki no Shima “~Miracle Island ~

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Kiseki no Shima (Miracle Island) is a song inspired by an Australian lady who was born on Thursday Island, where many Japanese pearl shell divers were sent to work. She recently met her biological Japanese father for the first time in 56 years in Okinawa, the most southern island of Japan. “I Can Dream It” features the sound of the Didgeridoo, a traditional Australian Aboriginal instrument, as well as the Sanshin, a three stringed Okinawan guitar.

Hiroki Iijima, Singer – songwriter, He wrote a song, “Kiseki no Shima (Miracle Island)” soon after he witnessed the miraculous reunion of an Australian lady, who was born on Thursday Island and her biological father in Okinawa, Japan. He has been singing at many events and this is his first CD. He is also working as a journalist and reporter for a major TV station.